Dar-es-Salaam: This is the largest City in Tanzania with an estimated population of over 3 Million inhabitants. It is now one of the busy ports of East Africa and continues to attract investors. It is the gateway to Zanzibar - a 75 minute ferry ride away and also a starting point to the northern and southern safari circuits.

Arusha: Arusha is northern Tanzania's centre of commerce and trade and one of the fastest growing towns in East Africa. The town is fast developing to a City and is 1540m above sea level. It is the starting point for many safaris in the northern circuit.
There is easy access to Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire Park and Arusha National Park. Arusha has a vast number of safari companies, hotels and other facilities geared for tourism. Arusha is a central point in Africa between Capetown and Cairo.

Dodoma: Dodoma is the official Capital City of Tanzania. It is dry and windy and situated in the centre of the country. Lying at an altitude of 1133m above sea level and located along the old caravan route which connected Lake Tanganyika and Central Africa with the Indian Ocean. It has warm days and cool nights. Dodoma was formerly a small settlement of the semi pastoral Gogo people. Caravan traders passed through the plateau and it developed into a small trading centre -thus owing its growth to the central railway as the colonial Germans hoped to take advantage of the city as a trading and commercial centre.

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